ROMWE 18 Hottest Daily Items Selection & Coupon Giveaway

Dienstag, Dezember 24, 2013

ROMWE 18 Hottest Daily Items Selection & Coupon Giveaway

During this relaxing and beautiful holiday time, ROMWE has prepared a big sale! From today to the last day of December, 18 hottest daily items will be available at their most favorable price. Important point is, only 50 units are available for those 18 pieces every day, so you must be quick with your order. You can check the daily items everyday here: ROMWE 18 Hottest Daily Items Sale

At the same time, there is also another big surprise... For those who place an order over $50, they will get another discount coupon. Romwe has prepared many different surprise coupons. Whoever is lucky enough, can even get coupons that give 90% Off!!! So go check the sale out if you have time and don´t miss this chance. Just add your order number in the link below to make an entry for the giveaway and to get a chance to get a huge discount coupon for your placed order.

Stock Your Hot Favorite Fashion Pieces at this holidays!
18 hotties everyday, every piece limited at 50 units
Opportunity knocks once!
The Discount Coupon (up to 90% off) you can enter here

Have fun shopping & Happy Holidays! 

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