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Dienstag, April 30, 2013

How the way you dress reveals your personality.

Coco Chanel once stated that ‘If a woman is badly dressed, it’s the dress we’ll notice; But if she’s impeccably dressed, it’s the woman herself we’ll notice’. There is certainly something to say about the psychology behind the clothes we choose to wear, there has to be, otherwise thousands of men and women wouldn’t pour over fashion magazines religiously and spend huge proportions of their wages on clothes.
It starts as early as childhood in games such as dress up, in a simplified way; little girls dress up like princesses and boys in superhero costumes to reflect what they aspire to  be. As a six year old I used to dress up in shirts and pretend to be a hotel receptionist, not really sure what that meant to be honest. But the point is that from as young as we can, we remember putting on clothes has been about more than covering our dignity and keeping us warm. The clothes that we choose to wear might have been bought purely because of their practicality, their colour or their cut, but essentially these choices reflect who we are and help to lend us an identity that is translated wordlessly to those around us.
It’s true that what we wear affects what people think of us and even what we think of ourselves, clothes are a social and economic indicator that can even say to a stranger what kind of job you have, how much money you own or even what your interests are. We might not spend our days dressed in pink tulle and a plastic crown like a princess any more, but we still dress to what we aspire to be, this is one of the reasons my bank account is always looking a little sad. Looking like you’ve not put any effort into an outfit, wearing clothes that are old, dirty or too small, reflects badly on you and says to people that you don’t really care about your appearance.
But choosing clothes that have, over time, been tried and tested and have proven themselves to be appropriate and trusted items also reflect similarly on you, a little black dress or a blazer will make you look reliable and trustworthy. People who wear conservative clothes are often seen as in control of themselves and dependable whilst fashion forward people who wear more Avantgarde items are seen as attractive and even unique characters. So what do the clothes that you wear say about who YOU are, are they giving off the right messages to your friends and colleagues or are you subconsciously experiencing a fashion faux pas?
We take a look at some of the typical every-day styles and what they say about people, help you see where you might be going wrong with what you wear and help you achieve your goals with some helpful tips on what to wear for true sartorial success!
The Casual Dresser - Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Bilson
Everybody wears jeans and a tee from time to time, it’s a perfect relaxed weekend combo but if you wear jeans everyday then it can start to look a little sloppy and not to mention that it shows a certain lack of imagination or creativity. Stick to casual dressing on the weekend or try dressing up jeans and a T-shirt with a statement necklace and some heels once in a while.

The Dark Dresser - Selma Blair

The little black dress is without doubt a girl’s best friend, sexy and sophisticated; it’s a go-to item for almost any occasion but if you wear too much black, it might gives the wrong impression. People might think your choice in colour implies that you’re depressed or angry, even unapproachable. Try and moderate the amount and regularity that you dress in all black and add in a pop of colour to brighten up the look.

The Skimpy Dresser - Heidi Klum, Paris Hilton

Who are we to tell you how short is too short, we’re not your mother, every girl likes to dress up and feel sexy from time to time but those who tend to dress more provocatively than most potentially wear skimpy clothes to draw attention to themselves. A girl whose mantra is ‘less is more’ tends to be more insecure and suggests that they maybe feel that their body is all they have to offer people. Try to keep more sexy dressing for a night out, it’s certainly not appropriate for the workplace, well most of them.

The Sloppy Dresser - Britney Spears, Kristen Stewart

If you tend to wear clothes that are dirty, wrinkled or generally lacking in thought and attention this gives others the impression that you really don’t care about the way you look. It could lead people to believe that you don’t care about your cleanliness, job or future or what others think about you generally. Take time to look after your clothes and keep them clean and it will help to change your attitude in a positive way too!

The Designer Dresser - Kirsten Dunst, Diane Kruger

Everyone loves designer clothes, after all if they didn’t, labels wouldn’t charge the earth for designer handbags or a pair of shoes. If I had the budget I would definitely not turn my nose up at the chance for a little shopping spree in Balenciaga or Chanel. So if you’re lucky enough to own designer clothes then make sure you don’t wear them all at once; owning expensive clothes suggests that you might be well off and successful but it also could say that you are materialistic and overly showy.
So there you have it, clothes really do reveal a lot about you, dressing up is still as fun today as it was when we were six and we would never tell you what is right and wrong to wear. Remember that moderation is key, mix it up a little bit to keep things fresh and always remember that you shouldn’t dress to reflect how you feel but how you would like to feel and you’ll be on to a winner. Wear clothes that flatter your figure, nothing too tight or baggy and wear clothes that make you feel good!
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