Spring´s Bold Colors Trend: How to style it for cheap

Donnerstag, April 04, 2013

Neon me Blue!

Stella McCartney silk top, €290 / eFoxCity White Blazer, €22 / eFoxCity Neon green pants, €18 / Yves Saint Laurent YSL pumps, €490 / Zara clutch, €39 / eFoxCity Earrings, $7.26 / eFoxCity skull brooch, €6,34

As some of you might have seen before in my store introduction posts before, I love shopping at clothing wholesalers as much as in regular stores. It´s just a great opportunity to find really great products in online stores where you can buy cheap clothes online for really affordable prices, that sometimes would cost you way more in a regular retail store. For example at eFoxCity they not only have a very affordable womens clothing line but they also offer cheap clothes online for men and they have a huge variety of trendy clothes, which of noone would ever guess that they come for the great prices they actually do. So if you wanna save some money on the latest trends, you should consider taking a look at stores like that. Also I have found that you can find some really affordable special occasion dresses and affordable wedding dresses in stores like this. You just have to keep in mind the delivery times depending on where the production is. Today I want to show you a little selection of my favorite items in their web store and show you also how you combine these pieces with other more expensive brands or designer pieces. So would you have guessed the amazing prices by seing my latest polyvore sets? 

The first set below is probably one of my favorites, because it includes the neon trend! Yes I know some of you might think, this trend is getting old now, but honestly I think this is the perfect time of the year to make the best out of this trend. I absolutely love bright pants and when you choose a bright clothing piece you can sure consider as a statement piece and the heart of an outfit. In this case I combined the bright greenish/yellowish pants ( I honestly don´t know if it is more yellow or more green ) with a dark royal blue. I have used the white blazer cause it reminds me a lot of spring and to give the outfit a little bit of neutral color, otherwise the strong colors could be a little overwhelming. I absolulelty love the neon skull blouse brooch, which I have never seen in this style before and think it´s gives the outfit a more youthful and crazy stand. 

Orange me Spring

eFoxCity Dress, €13 / eFoxCity Waterfall Blazer, €57 / SHOPBOP necklace, €66 /  MCM handbag via Zalando 549,95 € / eFoxCity Earrings, €5,42 / eFoxCity Bracelet, €5,19

In this second set I have combined orange with a blush rose color. Actually I was just trying around with colors and really ended up loving this color combination. It has a more romantic touch as you can see with the blush blazer and the beautiful statement necklace. I think the sandals are absolutely amazing with this skater dress and they give this outfit a little bit more edge. The blazer is absolutely amazing I think, first of all because of the cut. It goes with a dress as well as with soe pants or shorts. the rose blush color makes it really feminine looking and overall I love this color combination for spring and summer. 

Blue Style for Spring

eFoxCity Blue Blazer / eFoxCity Skirt, €38 / Zara sandals , €70 / Lanvin clutch, €2.655 / eFoxCity Boho Earrings, €6,35 / eFoxCity Bracelet, €5,19

Last but not least I just really had to pick up on the aqua trend. Aqua is such a beautiful color for spring and summer and this color always for some reason reminds me of trips to the mediterranean and lonely far away islands. And yes I chose the same blazer from outfit two again here in this pretty aqua blue. I can´t help it, but I really love the cut of this blazer. And for some reason I belong to  those people, that when I really like a cut I have no problem with buying it in different colors. I find it really hard to find the right kind of blazer, that really fits and has a great cut. I do find this aqua greenish color fitting very well with a dark blue, it gives both colors their own show without overwhelming ones eyes. 

So dolls what do you think, for which of these trends will you go for this spring/summer season? Are you going to try out the bold color trends? Let me know in the comment section and I will get back to you asap :-) 
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