How to choose the right sunglasses for your face shape and how to find the right swimwear for your body type

Freitag, März 29, 2013

It might seem like a bit of a long way off talking about the summer when there is so much bad weather around can you blame us for dreaming about the sun?! As it gets closer we find ourselves daydreaming about our new season wardrobes, we’ve even invested in some essential summer accessories but due to the unfortunate weather haven’t had the chance to show them off; sandals in snow are never going to work, unless you want frostbitten toes.
So in a vain attempt to call the season to us like some sort of warm weather rain dance we’ve put together a little compilation of some of our favourite Spring/Summer accessories trends from sunglasses to sunhats and explain what to wear to work the trends to suit your shape. All we need now is a holiday so we can put all of our hard work into practice.
Sunglasses are definitely one of our favourite things to shop for at the beginning of the summer as hopefully you’ll have a lot of sunshine and get a lot of use out of them. Because you end up wearing them so often it’s important to invest in a pair that really suits you and compliments your face shape. We’ve drawn up a little guide to help you choose which style sunnies you should rock this season.

Which sunglasses to wear when you have a heart shaped face - Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Love Hewitt

Heart shaped faces are beautiful and very feminine, to accentuate your face shape go for a cat-eye frame or instead why not go for something neat and square to balance out a pointy chin. Cat-eye sunglasses are big this season and great fun, if you feel like trying something a little more bold then why not opt for a bright pop of colour too!

Which sunglasses to wear when you have a oval shaped face - Jessica Alba, Liv Tyler,

It’s alright for some, if you’re lucky enough to be rocking an oval shaped face then you can pretty much get away with wearing whatever shape you fancy, anything from cats-eye frames to aviators and everything in between. Why not try out the season’s biggest sunglasses trends as they will be bound to suit an oval shaped face and you can play around and find what works for you. If anything try to opt for a medium or large frame to avoid making your face shape look longer than it is.

Which sunglasses to wear when you have a square shaped face - Nicole Richie,

If you have a strong jawline and wide cheekbones then soften your shape with round sunglasses frames like these, if you have a really strong jawline then opt for a feminine colour on top to soften the look, pink or soft coloured lenses will help to lend a flattering ladylike vibe.

Which sunglasses to wear when you have a round shaped face - Mila Kunis, Ginnifer Goodwin

If you have a round face then choose a frame that is wider than the widest part of your face to create some length, try to stay away from circular frames instead choose angled shapes to avoid your face looking too full.

Which sunglasses to wear when you have a oblong shaped face - Eva Mendes, Angelina Jolie

If you have a slightly oblong face then lend it some width by choosing frames that are narrower than the widest part of your face, choose medium to large style frames and definitely stay away from anything too angular. Gradient lenses will soften your face shape and help to define those cheekbones.

Choose the right swimwear for your body type:
Once you’ve got sunnies down, then the next conundrum is perfecting the art of summer swimwear which can be the bane of our lives. Obviously it’s top priority to have our beach-side apparel looking top but there are so many options! Do you opt for a bandeau, bathing suit, string bikini or tankini? Luckily we have done the research so you don’t have to and sourced the best styles for your body shape so weather you’ve got a boyish frame or big bottom you’ll be sure to be the belle of the beach.

Which swimwear to wear for different body shapes, athletic, bigger on bottom, boy shaped, big bust and apple shaped figures -

Athletic – if you have an athletic body shape then you’re one of those lucky ladies with a toned physic but sometimes athletic shaped can also have smaller bust and hips. To create or emphasise a more feminine shape simply choose a bikini with some ruffles to add volume to your body. If you have overly broad and athletic shoulders then try to sear clear of halter necks which will make them look even wider.

Bigger on Bottom - Ladies who are rocking a pear shape should try to avoid bikini bottoms with delicate string ties which will lead to your danger areas looking bigger than desired.  Opt for a sturdy and supporting bathing suit, if you choose a bikini try a sliming black for the bottoms and patterned bikini top to draw attention away from your lower half.

Boy Shape – Similarly to athletic shape boyish frames might be lacking in curve, to add some shape to your frame then choose a horizontal stripe and frills to create the illusion of some more feminine shape. As you don’t need much in the way of support you can choose a stylish bandeau bikini for an even tan!

Big Bust - It’s important that you understand the value of a bikini with decent support, you don’t want any slip ups (or outs). Opt for a swimming costume with thick straps to keep your chest supported and avoid any drooping!

Apple Shaped - If you think that having an apple shaped body means that you’re confined to only wearing dowdy one-pieces then think again! There are lots of stylish one-pieces and if you choose a style that has ruching round the waist it will create the illusion of flattering curves.

Once you’ve invested in summer essentials remember that whatever you choose you can always rock a look with some brilliant summer beauty trends. This season sees bold pops of vibrant colours coming to the forefront of fashion; bold eye shadows, candy pink lips and rosy cheeks. Work a super tan which is one of the easiest ways to achieve a healthy beauty look and have fun with your make up regime!
There is so much to look forward to this season with amazing sunnies to stylish swimwear and not to mention the prospect of a little bit of sun, what more could we ask for? Are you looking forward to the summer as much as we are?

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