Dior Chérie Bow Spring 2013 Collection

Mittwoch, März 13, 2013

Dior Chérie Bow Printemps/Spring 2013 - Lipsticks and 5 Color Palettes

I have fallen absolutely in love with Christian Dior ´s Chérie Bow Collection, so I decided to actually devote it a whole blog post! As spring is around the corner, I think the colors of this collection are abolutely fitting the sunny weather and bring you in the mood of the upcoming season. The colors remind me of Cherry Blossoms and blush roses with some peach in it. I think it is a magnificent and fabulous mix of colors.

Dior Chérie Bow Printemps/Spring 2013 - Nail Polishes and Palettes

Dior Chérie Bow Printemps/Spring 2013 - Lip Glow, Nail Glow, Blushes and Smoky Palette

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