Pinterest Christmas Hop - Guest Hosts Wanted !

Donnerstag, Dezember 06, 2012

So what is a Pinterest hop you all will ask now. A Pinterest hop means that we link up to different pinterest profiles to gain more followers. The more people link up to this event the more followers you can gain.  I will provide a link-up tool where everyone can easily add their link to a list that will be displayed on all 5 co-hosts blogs for at least 24 hours as a top post.

Requirement for everyone who joins is that they have to follow at least 5 people from this list, but of course you can follow more if you like. That can work in everyones interest, it should be normal that you follow back the people who follow you.

I have seen hops like this before with Twitter and GFC links and if they are done right, people can reach follower numbers from 0 - 1000 in only a few months. In case this hop works out good, I might consider to do one for other social platforms as well.

So I am looking for 5 guest hosts that will co-host this event with me. Everyone who joins the event is required to follow the hosts including me via Pinterest. If they don´t, their links will be removed. As some of you know I have a huge following of more than 13000 followers on Pinterest and 75% of my blogs traffic comes from Pinterest. So if you would like to gain more followers this could be a great chance for you to promote your  blog, I am just trying to give you a hand here ;-)

If you agree with the above and are interested in co-hosting please contact me via my email here with the subject "Pinterest Hop" with your blog link and pinterest profile link. End of application period is Sunday 9th December 0:00. Any emails that come after this period can not be considered.

After reviewing the applications I will choose 5 co-hosts that can join me in this event and contact them back via email to set the date for the start of the event.

xoxo Pakize

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